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Fort Lupton:

Fort Lupton (better known as Fort Lancaster during its heyday) is a late fur trade era trading post constructed in 1837 by Lancaster Lupton.  The reconstruction of Fort Lupton is thought to be at the same site as the Original but offset by about 100 yards.  Fund raising for this project was begun many years ago.  The foundations were laid in 200X, and by 2005 the east wall of the structure had been complete.  Since that time work has accelerated with the north, west and south walls completed by December of 2008.  Work continues on the interior space for workshops, trade rooms, and living quarters.  Eventually the interior rooms will be furnished with period correct and place appropriate furniture, tools, equipment, supplies, trade goods, and furs. 


Do You Want to Make History?  Even though the exterior walls may be nearly finished, there are still plenty of opportunities to help out as work now moves to the interior workshops, storage rooms, and living quarters.  Not good with a hammer and saw?  There are other ways to volunteer to support the effort, including becoming a member.  


Reconstruction of Fort Lupton

A Brief History of Fort Lancaster and Its Founder

Furnishing Fort Lupton 




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