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Navajo Kneel Down Bread Submitted by Michele Cyr

7 ears of fresh corn

2 tablespoons of lard or shortening

1 cup of water

Salt to taste  

Cut the bottom off the each ear of corn so it has a flat surface.  Remove the husks and reserve.  Discard the silk.    

Stand the ears upright and with a sharp knife cut off the kernels of corn.  

Grind the kernels until it is slightly chunky.  Then place the ground kernels in a bowl and add the lard, water and salt to make a paste.

Divide the mixture into seven husks.  Tie at both ends and then carefully bend the husks and tie again.  

Bake for 1 hour at about 350 degrees until firm to the touch.  

If using a 12 inch Dutch Oven:

Use a trivet to keep the husks from lying on the bottom of the oven.    

Place 10 charcoal briquettes or the equivalent of wood coals from the fire, in the bottom of a Dutch Oven hole that is just one inch wider than the Dutch Oven and only slightly deeper than the Dutch Oven.  

Place the Dutch Oven in the hole on top of the coals.  

Place an additional 14 briquettes or their equivalent on top of the Dutch Oven.  Leave the Dutch Oven in the hole for about one hour.  

If using a Dutch Oven table, increase the coals by 2 for both top and bottom.


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